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 Welcome to Kreative Automotive Uk Ltd.

If it's 'Kreative' then you're probably at the right place.

Since opening in 2018 we have gone from strength to strength to offer a service and reputation we strive to uphold daily. Vehicles are our passion and we share your dreams and expectations. 

We have a very keen eye for detail and see your vision clearly.

Should you want for Ford Ranger turning into the offroad Monster you have always dreamed of or want your stalled camper build finishing then you're definitely at the right place.

Full upholstery team with latest equipment. From small repairs to complete interiors or even custom pattern seats with logos etc. nothing is beyond us.

We offer commecial powder coating services with incredible pricing competing with the big companies with the HU postcode area. With an oven size of 4.2m x 2.5m x 2.5m we can accomodate most items as well as fully built structures

Alloy wheel refurbishment. Trade and retail customers are welcomed daily. Your car, motorcycle or van can drive or ride in to us and have the full works treatment. 

Cars - wheels removed, tyres and weights removed, acid stripped, blasted, damage repaired and powder coated in your colour preference then refitted with new valves and wheels balanced, all wheel nuts torque set to manufacutuer recommendation.

Motorcycles - Ride your bike into us, have the wheels removed, tyres removed, bearings removed, discs removed, acid stripped, blasted, powder coated in your colour preference then we refit everything, new bearings if needed and refit tyres with new valves and balance on our latest technology automatic wheel balancer for motorcycles. Then refitted to your bike and everything torque set to manufacturer settings.

Services List

vapour blasting

dry blasting

carburettor rebuilds

engine rebuilds

full restorations

upholstery and trim

specialist fabrication

chemical stripping

paint and body

ultra sonic cleaning


powder coating

 classic cars bikes and motorbikes especially welcome

Contact us for more details

 tel. 01964 602080

email:  info@kreativeautomotive.co.uk




Vapour & Dry blasting  Sand blasting vapour glass beading less invasive chemical cleaning of parts

We can clean almost anything

Specialist coating removal with chemical agents

Ultra-sonic cleaning

Carburettor rebuilds

Engine cylinder and block cleaning

Vehicle upholstery retrim & repairs customised etc  Interior Restoration and Repairs  

We can re-upholster Seats and Door cards

Head linings Carpets and floor mats

Leather, spring and foam repairs also available